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Tutor: Prof, Lyn Bateman. Ph.D. D.S.c


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We also offer a life time back up to all our training courses should a colleague ever need it after graduation with the college.
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Train and gain a Diploma in Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Until now Diplomas in Clinical and Medical Hypnosis has been restricted to the Medically Qualified, Doctors, Dental Surgeons and Psychiatrists.Now you can have the benefits of training in not just Clinical Hypnosis but Medical Hypnotherapy also. Learn the techniques that seperates the Clinical Practioner from the Medical Practioiner. Here you will learn how to use the speedier inductions used by medical practitionersof hypnosis. We have broken the boundaries that has always separated the Medical from the normal Practitioner. I honestly believe that everyone should be given an equal opportunity achieve in life what they rightfully deserve. And that's what I achieved when I developed this highly respected and prestigious course for the person interested in learning the science of hypnotherapy and practitioners who want to learn Medical Hypnosis professionally. Let us take you to the pinnacle of success in this extremely interesting field of hypnosis.Dr. Lyn M. Bateman. PhD. D.Sc.Member, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy AssociationMember, International Association of Councillors and TherapistsFellow of the Royal Society of MedicineThe Professional Diploma Course in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy is run over the duration of twelve weeks, leading to a diploma in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy and has been very carefully structured and it is, very comprehensive indeed.This is the course for the person wishing to pursue a professional career in hypnotherapy. You will learn the most up to date medical inductions techniques and even those of the older hypnotists of the day's gone bye.
You will learn how to achieving in your client/patients the deepest forms of hypnosis.You will learn the uses of deep hypnosis in anaesthesia for use withpain control andoperative procedures so you can help people with physical pain.Our training programmes started is 1992 and was originally designed for Dr's and Dentists and people within the medical profession.
We can offer expert training so students can achieve their maximum potential as a clinical or medical hypnotherapist.The course as been designed in lay terms removing a lot of the medical jargonso it is easy to follow and understand. We work through each module slowly and each module is taught step by step to allow the student adequate time to learn and understand the methodology and the aspects of medical hypnosis. We will teach you how to use medical hypnosis professionally and expertly so you are able to work within many areas of hypnosis safely and achieve the results your client/patients require from your professional services.
Here are 14 good reasons why you should.
1. You will be able to work on a much broader range of problems than just a clinical hypnotherapist.
2. You will learn about a wide range of medical problems
3. Learn how to use medical hypnosis so you can achieve maximum results within your practice
4. You will be thought of much more professionally by clients holding a diploma in clinical and Medical Hypnosis especially if they are looking for what they consider the more qualified, and of course it is the clients who pay's your wages at the end of the day. Hypnotherapy as become a part of health care for hundreds of thousands of every day people, as more people are now turning to alternative medicine for help, especially Hypnosis because of its effectiveness and its powerful capabilities in the treatment of many areas inc, stress, anxiety, phobias, addictions pain control thelist goes on and on.
5. Doctors and other medical professionals will look at your qualification with more favouritism holding a clinical and medical diploma in hypnosis and will be more liable to forward their patients to you for treatment when they now of your existence
6. You will have studied an, in depth course and gained the practical skills to practice professionally within the medical boundaries of hypnosis
7. You will learn how to achieve in your client/patients the deepest forms of hypnosis qickly and effetely.
8. You will learn the uses of deep hypnosis in anaesthesia for use with pain control and operative procedures.
9. There are thousands upon thousands of people who use hypnosis each year in theUK and the results of a persons training will reflect upon their success rate within the consulting room environment. And we all want maximum success within our practice's. Here is your chance to obtain the knowledge from Dr. Bateman’s 36 years experience as a clinical hypnotist to assist you in acieving maximum success.
10. You will be able to work the hour's that suites you being self employed, so you can work full or part time and still earn a good wage.
11. The average consultation fee for a well trained hypnotherapist is between £ 50 to £75 per one hour session, some therapists charge £250. for one session for smoking alone, two clients for smoking and you will earn more than the average persons weekly wage and their are always people who wants to quit smoking as it becomes more and more unpopular. So you will be able to earn as little or has large as you want, according to your hours of work.
12. The course was designed by a doctor with 36 years full time practice in clinical and medical hypnosis.
He has a wealth of knowledge in the subject of clinical and medical hypnosis. The course was designed for use by doctors and persons from the medical profession so you can be sure you are not only getting 30 plus years experience behind you but the best in technique too.
We can offer expert training so students on the course so they can achieve their maximum potential as a clinical or medical hypnotherapist.
13 You will be legible for a NHS Independent Provider organisation code number. The code number identifies you as a provider for health care services independent of the NHS.
14. If you are not medically qualified then you will be one of the first non medical persons to hold this prestigious diploma in
You're personal trainer and mentor: course tutor, Dr. Lyn M. Bateman
He has been in full time practice for just over 3 1/2 decades.
He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Full Member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.
Lyn is 64 years old and has trained Doctors and lay Practitioners from the Uk and other parts of the world the skills in Clinical and Medical Hypnosis since 1986
Lyn will guide you professionally step by step through the entire course and is always availableto assist students upon any part of the Medical course structure should they need his advice or assistance at any time during or after completion of the course.
Who should train in Medical Hypnotherapy?
People looking for a change in career within the careing profession, or any person wishing to learn clinical & medical hypnosis/hypnotherapy and gain a Diploma in the skills and techniques of clinical hypnotherapy.
All training will be undertaken in Dr. Bateman's consulting room so you really get the feel of working from a professional consulting room, you get to feel the realism of being a consultant from the word go.
For further details of this uniquely structured highly comprehensive course in Clinical and Medical Hypnosis contact: Dr. Lyn Bateman. 01633615050


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