College of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis  


                                GHSC  ACCREDITED HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING             

College of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis

College of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis

The Training Programme in Clinical Hypnosis for professional therapists


General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
Accredited Training

The College provides first class professional training in clinical and medical hypnosis

The College was one of the very first in the U K  to provide in its syllabus clinical and medical techniques of hypnosis. It was our aim that all therapists should be taught the techniques of not just the clinical side of hypnosis but also the medical side so they will be equipped to deal with every form of problem treatable by hypnosis from stopping smoking to working with anaesthesia including painless child birth to working with cancer patients.

Our reason for this was that over the years we have seen the use of hypnosis becoming ever more popular in every walk of life and the use of hypnosis becoming closer to being more widely used in main stream medicine. The medical profession are much more aware at the present time of the benefits of hypnosis/hypnotherapy over many conventional talking therapies because of its ability to remove psychological problems far more quickly and permanently because of the suggestibility created within hypnotic interventions by a well trained professional therapist

we offer the most up-to date cutting edge of technique in both the use of hypnosis and therapy  formulation for the  person embarking on a new career as a clinical hypnotherapists. Our belief is only the best is good enough and that we offer the highest quality of training and the highest standard of techniques within the profession that's the reason Medical practitioners often attend our courses simply because we offer the highest standard of training available in the U K to date.

Our commitment is to exceed your expectations as a student by providing the very best   training experience to help you succeed within the profession utilising the latest cutting edged techniques and methods covering all aspects of Hypnotherapy plus a life time support after completion of your training.  

The course tutor  Dr Lyn Bateman has 37 years full time practice as a clinical and medical hypnotherapist and scientific researcher in clinical and medical hypnosis and the psychodynamics of the mind there is nothing he doesn't now about the science of hypnotherapy so you are sure as a trainee hypnotherapist to get only the best quality training and the most sound advice upon every step of your training.

Who can train in Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy? 
Anyone looking for a change in career, some examples of people we have trained 
·         Office workers
·         Bank managers
·         Gas fitters
·         Electricians
·         Labourers
·         ex-Military
·         ex Police Officers
·         Lorry drivers
·         Factory workers
·         School Teachers
·         Steel Workers
People from all walks of life can train to become an hypnotherapist
All training is under taken under the tutorlidge of Dr Lyn Bateman
Whichever path you decide to take, we are sure that you will enjoy the learning experience.